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Due Date: Midnight EST Friday May 27th
Special Category: Most Creative

Teh Images:
Image 1 - FFVII - Sephiroth
Image 2 - FFIX - Blank and Vivi
Image 3 - FFVI - Terra Branford

Teh Rules
// 001 \\
You are permitted to submit 2 icons as a comment to this screened post.

// 002 \\
All icons must meet LJ standards: 100x100, 40kb

// 003 \\
All icons must be brand new and never seen anywhere.

// 004 \\
All icons cannot have participated in a contest or be currently participating in another contest

// 005 \\
Please note that you have to be a member to submit.

// 006 \\
Only the images provided are allowed in the icons. You CANNOT create blends using different pictures, however you are aloowed to blend within the SAME image.

// 007 \\
Each icon submitted must be from a different image.

How to submit?

FFIX: Black Waltz

Week 1 winners
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